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Changing Life Seasons… {Travel On}

I rediscovered Yellowstone National Park pics from fifty years just a couple days before we left for own family trip two weeks ago. I was only a year old on that trip. My parents had just bought a camper and Yellowstone was our inaugural trip. But the only thing I remember about that trip is the sticker which displayed itself right along Mount Rushmore and all the other badges of participation our family and that ol’ blue pop-up camper acquired over the years. What immense joy I experienced fifty years later retracing nearly the exact same itinerary my family took back in 1969.

In our grown-up years, each Christmas, our parents gifted us what I liked to call ‘heirloom gifts.’ These gifts included such things as family bibles, old love letters, framed ‘handwritten’ recipes, recordings, my Grandpa’s post-stroke scribbles, and many, many more family treasures. But this past year, my mama gave us ‘starter kits’ for photo albums commemorating our family travels.

“I know each of your families enjoy going on trips!” she shared.

“Daddy and I enjoyed going camping and many of our family vacations were spent camping. But I think we can all agree, LIFE is not always a vacation. In life, you will have many difficulties; financial, health, etc.. But what do we do when life gets tough? Give up and quit trying? Or do we pick up our suitcase, so to speak, and travel on? 

“So, that’s what I wish to talk to you about…  As burden’s get heavier and life gets tougher, God will make a way. Listen.” She said. “Believe me, in my eighty years , I’ve seen my fair share. So, when encountering problems, I want to instill in each of you, young and old, to pick up your suitcase… and TRAVEL ON!” 

Traveling through the seasons of life isn’t always easy or pretty. I love this quote

“Live fully in the SEASON you are in,

because you won’t get it back”

~ Caroline Howard.

What life season do you currently find yourself in? How have you travelled on as the seasons of life changed? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear… 💕

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under Heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1 

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