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Correcting Injustice: The Self-Emptying Love of Jesus Christ

Correcting Injustice with the self-emptying love of Jesus Christ.

To Correct or Not to Correct?

Have you ever made a snap judgement about someone or something? Sadly, I often make snap judgements. But recently, I found myself the recipient of someone else’s snap judgement. And it took all the Jesus-lovin’ strength I could muster, friends, not to email this person and set them straight. God doesn’t need me to correct every injustice in my life. Or the world for that matter!? He’s more than capable. And often when I attempt to right a wrong, I do more harm than good. 

A Kingdom Divided

As the body of Christ, we can become divisive when seeking to set others straight. 

I truly believe our inability to love one another is the enemy at work in the global church, today. And if we aren’t careful, we can become spiritually proud puffing ourselves up and dying on hills we were never meant to die on. The one, true enemy of our souls seeks to divide us through our unbridled emotions, snap judgements, inability to forgive, etc.. Because when divided, Christians are weak. Our kingdom impact becomes diluted by unloving words and deeds leaving a watching world scratching their heads and wondering, “Is the Christian life really that different?” 

Having the Same Love

I’m pretty sure if we’re ever asked to die on a hill, it will look a whole lot like love, humility, and Jesus’ death on a cross. And less like us setting the world straight by overturning proverbial tables in the marketplace! Paul implores the Church at Philippi to be ”like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind.” [Phil. 2:2] 

The desire to set a broken world straight is incredibly tempting, isn’t it? But our lives speak loudest when our words and deeds reflect the self-emptying love of Jesus Christ. 

Loving others [like Jesus] in life’s messy, difficult circumstances won’t require us to set a not-so-perfect world straight. But just maybe, in the gentle, merciful, self-emptying act of choosing to love—one [small] injustice at a time, we can adjust its trajectory just a bit!

How can we as the local, national, and global church choose Christlikeness and love an adversarial world when correcting an injustice?

The Love Challenge is a strategy for tackling the greatest challenge ever issued to mankind—loving the unlovable. Through newly filtered words and deeds we learn to love as God does with extraordinary grace and unfathomable love. This is how we influence culture, y’all—one challenging circumstance at a time.

“To be so full of God’s love, I no longer fathom speaking unkind words or committing unkind deeds.” This is my quest, join me!?

Accept the Love Challenge, join the #TLCcommunity, and download your free mini-devotional, How to Love an Unlovable World One Challenge at a Time, by tapping the link. 💕

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