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If We Make It Through December…

The second half of 2019 brought a flurry of rollercoaster twists and turns for our family… and in God’s amazing grace, all for the good! God works like this ya’ know… not on our schedule… and not at all as we would think!? Or could even imagine. But always for our good!

Spending most of 2015 in free-fall while kidding about fastening seatbelts and hanging on for dear life, we quickly recognized the pattern of God positioning us… So, as we felt the shift changing the trajectory of our lives, once again, all we could think to say was “If we make it through December… everything’s gonna be alright!” 

Imagine our delight and surprise as our bundle of joy who joined us in 2015 started off the holiday season by playing a recent record purchase and the words and notes rang out “If we make it through December… everything’s gonna be alright!” Make no mistake. God sees us. Hears us. Delights in us. And has a wonderful sense of humor. Hubby and I could do nothing more than knowingly glance at each other and let out a great big belly laugh! It was a year of abundant blessings for our family and although the song refers to lean times, the quickened pace and uncertainty of multiple new beginnings left us grateful but lean in time together and rest. But, alas, we’re finally here! And although, I’m certain, a few days is all we’ll receive before the bustle of change unwinds once again. I’m grateful! I trust the Lord’s timing and goodness in our lives. 

Looking back, we can always see His faithfulness. (Hanging on for dear life is much easier when you know who holds your future. And He is worthy of our trust!) But recognizing God’s handiwork in the present especially in the midst of uncertainty requires our constant focus on Him and spending time in His presence. Not that we know one step further… but that we experience unimaginable peace in the storms of life. 

Have you endured a difficult season? Or perhaps God is currently moving in an unexpected way in your life? As someone who has walked through the fiery storms of of life and emerged victorious by God’s grace… Trust. Hang on. Rejoice. Restore. 

And while you’re at, take time to marvel at the meaning in the journey. This world truly is not our final destination. We’re meant for something much, much more… 💕 

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