“LOVE Makes You Do Crazy Things…”  [Really!?]
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“LOVE Makes You Do Crazy Things…” [Really!?]

Love doesn’t cause us to do crazy things as suggested by Will Smith last night during his acceptance speech at the Academy Awards. Crazy good things, maybe!? But God is love and LOVE endures all things. Perhaps the wisest words of the night regarding the incident came from Denzel Washington. “In your highest moments, be…

Letting Go… [and Choosing Forgiveness]
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Letting Go… [and Choosing Forgiveness]

Fall is a season for letting go…  Although it doesn’t feel very Fall-ish here in Hometown, OK with temps hovering around the nineties—I’m desperately searching for autumn-ness. Maybe it’s because the temperatures refuse to succumb. Or maybe it’s because we’re sliding into my mama’s favorite season and birthday month. But a heaviness hangs in the…