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Imagine… What If We Just Loved?

Have you grown weary of all the hate, injustice, anger, and sadness in the world? What if we just loved? What God truly desires is for his children to love Him and to LOVE one another!


Imagine if you could carry with you, wherever you go,

at your very epicenter, a ball of ‘Light.’ A light so bright, it is inexplicable.

A glow so radiant, it envelopes you. With love. 

So warm, it cradles you. With hope. It speaks to you. It calls you by name.

It knows your deepest crevices – of wound and thought! It aches along side you. 

With a bone chilling ache. It loves you inside and out with a love like no other.


A beacon in my darkest hours, ‘the Light’ is my friend above all friends.

When I turn away from ‘the Light,’ even for just a moment,

my world grows empty and dark. But when I fix my eyes on ‘the Light,’

the calmer (and richer,) I feel. And the longer I bask in ‘the Light’

the more I reflect shimmers of it’s brilliance. And glory. 

The ‘Light’ is my friend, Jesus. He is ‘the Light’ of all lights. 

The world will know all us by our fruits. We may think our side of the debate is right but if we spew hate of any kind, we live in darkness (1 John 2:9.) For what friend have we made, what heart (and mind) have we changed, if we come not in love!?

The TRUTH is seen in Him and in us. (1 John 2:8)

LOVE is the light of the world. Be ‘spreaders’ of light. Not darkness.

The love challenge… “Not only to be so full of God’s love but to SHINE so bright for all the world to see.” Join me in my quest!?

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