Changing Hearts

Real evil exists in this world. And it springs from within the heart of every man. To change the world (to really cure what ails it,) you must first change the heart of man. Since changing a heart’s condition is a one-person job, no ONE can change another’s! But one can certainly impact another’s. Are your deeds, your words, building bridges… or walls?

Many will read the words and exclaim “Not me!?” and point to the right. Or “Not me!?” and point to the left. Or point to “the Christian.” Or to “the Non-Christian.” But let’s stop pointing all the fingers and ask “What are we doing to combat the evil in our own hearts?” For no man is exempt!

Thankfully, my hope is not lost in this world; because my HOPE is not in this world. I am convinced it takes an ever-loving grace, pointing back toward a heavenly Father, to combat the evil in even the most, sinful of creatures; my own heart’s condition. 

“Greater is He that is in you,

than He that is in the world! (1 John 4:4) 

How is your heart condition, today? Are you quick to judge, blame, name call!? Guard your heart for everything you do stems from it (Prov. 4:23) Resist letting hate, finger-pointing, and fear take root in your heart. Instead, spread love. The world has no greater answer for evil, than LOVE.


“To be so full of God’s love, I could not fathom of speaking an unkind word, or doing an unkind deed.” That is my quest! #theLoveChallenge




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