#MeToo… Understanding the Enemy

My post is less about my #MeToo story but more about… understanding the enemy.


To borrow words from a friend, the #MeToo movement has been amazing for galvanizing public outcry. The ‘Objectification’ of another person is to de-humanize that person. The person is no longer viewed as living but rather as an object; without thought(s) or feeling(s). The ‘pornification’ of our society is as old as time and at it’s root cause is greed. By definition, greed is an intense and selfish desire serving one’s self and thinking nothing of others pain or humiliation.

Typically, the aggressor has been transgressed; whether by exposure to explicit material at a young age or by other means and very often doesn’t understand or know how to control their own behavior. With this piece of information, it becomes easier to lend compassion towards the Harvey Weinsteins of the world. It does not mean they will not have to face the hard consequences of their devastating choices. Nor does it reverse the course of their actions. But with a truly repentant heart (repentance meaning recognizing the woeful need for forgiveness and doing the difficult and at times costly work to achieve lasting, restorative change,) one lost soul will no longer inflict their wounds on another. And for this, we can all rejoice!

Each and every day, we get to choose which master we will serve… Will we bow to the destructive Master of self!? Or will we bend our will to the One who so loved the world, He gave his one and only Son. (John 3:16)

Lord, let it be our prayer that we’ll recognize the lies of Satan that we alone can be the master of our selves. Help us to realize, instead, me must decrease for You to increase. (John 3:30) Finally, help us to see the aggressor and the transgressed alike as “precious” in your sight! ~ Amen

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