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How to Show Kindness [in an Unkind World]

Random Ac of Kindness Day

The most random act of kindness we can commit is to answer unkind words and deeds with extraordinary grace. True kindness is Spirit produced and matters most when it is the least expected or warranted. The key to Spirit-filled kindness begins with the idea all of us are undeserving in light of the cross.

Jesus didn’t have to agree with people to be kind. He extended tremendous kindness to those the world deemed “unlovable.” Practicing kindness stretches us to understand each other… and better understanding leads to compassion. And compassion, leads to LOVE. The kind of love Jesus displayed on the cross.

“To be so full of God’s love, I no longer fathom speaking unkind words or committing unkind deeds.” This is my quest…

Ever wondered what the “to be so full” part of accepting The Love Challenge is all about!? When we are “so full” of God’s love [ie: kindness, gentleness, understanding, compassion] it spills over into our daily interactions. I love this quote by everybody’s favorite neighbor, Mr. Rogers. “Love seems to be something that keeps filling up within us. The more we give away, the more we have to give.”

Kindness that overflows from the bent of our hearts points a watching, hurting world to the Light that is Jesus Christ. In both word and deed, as believers, we are to weave ordinary kindness into the fabric of our lives.

“Be kind and tender hearted to one another, forgiving each other just as in Christ God forgave you.” Eph. 4:32

Here are just a few random acts of kindness you can bestow on someone, today; offer to pray for someone, say hello to a stranger, give a [genuine] compliment, hold a door, smile, make room in your schedule to lend a listening ear, share about the love of Jesus.

In what ways will you share His loving-kindness, today? 💕

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