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Do You Believe an Atheist Can Be a Moral Person?


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Do you believe an ATHEIST can be a MORAL person?

I do! I believe the potential for good lives in ALL of us. That is the beauty of our creation! Within each and every one of us is an innate desire that seeks goodness and searches for truth; each one possessing a great capacity to love and be loved. But let me ask you this…

Do you believe a CHRISTIAN can be IMMORAL?

I do! I believe we all EQUALLY possess the potential for evil! But the good news and the best part in my opinion is we all have the freedom to choose on a daily basis which characteristic we will nurture. Good or evil.


Where the unique distinction SHOULD BE for us, as Christians, is in the further choosing to recognize our own potential for evil and our own inability to lead sinless lives. Not just a life that is ‘a little better than’ or ‘better than most.’ But a life that is completely FREE from all immorality. Immoral behavior such as: pride, envy, gossip, and condemnation. “For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” (Rom. 3:23)

Is there any one of us who has walked this earth that can claim such a remarkable feat? I can only think of one… Jesus said “Let your light so SHINE before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

You don’t have to share another’s opinions or condone one’s actions in order to show the LOVE of Christ; to be an extension of God’s grace Tweet:

The realization of a growing secular view is not what prompted my writings today but it is the profound REALIZATION that as Christ Followers we aren’t more easily recognized by the world for our fruits.* Fruits such as:  love, kindness, and goodness. I fear the world will continue to search for TRUTH elsewhere, if as Christians we don’t forsake our stubborn pious nature.

So my challenge for you today is not ‘How do we convert ALL of the world’s atheists?’ But my challenge is… ‘How do we convince Christians to SHINE so bright, to be so FULL of God’s amazing grace that the secular world can’t help but believe?’

“For this is the message which you have heard from the beginning, that we should LOVE one another.” (1 John 3:11) 

To be so FULL of God’s love that I could not fathom speaking an unkind word or doing an unkind deed. Join me in my quest!? #theLoveChallenge Tweet:

To my Christian friends… Without uttering His name, how can you shine today so that others may see Him and come to believe? What actions might you take?

To my Atheist friends… I’ve suffered deeply at the hands of  Christians throughout my lifetime. But I’ve always been able to separate God from people. If you’re willing to indulge the thought, how might you begin to separate the two today?

*”By their fruit you will recognize them.” Matt. 7:16

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