My Life in Hymns


Music educators and church musicians go back in my family about six or seven generations. I could astound you with my ability to describe in great detail the foot pedals of a piano and organ. Further, I could amaze you with descriptions of ALL things floor level of a church stage. You see, the church stage was my playground as a child. So it is no wonder I’ve recently begun hearing my life in hymns and songs!!! The profound TRUTH hidden in these songs sewn in my heart from yesteryear stirs me. I have begun to journal such times as these.


For me, the year of 2014 has become the ‘Year of Trust.’ While driving and reflecting on my current ‘life’ situation a few mornings back, I said to myself “GOD is in control.” And right then, in the bat of an eye, the words came blustering forth…

“Heee’s Go-o-t the Whhh-o-le Wo-orrlld in His Ha-ands!”

My friend Carolyn says “Music is an ALIVE source of strength.” My mother tells me “God speaks to her through music ALL the time.” Even as I am writing this now, a new song has sprung to my consciousness and begun to play. Only this time, it’s as if I hear my mother’s voice singing the words

“Ju-u-st a  Clo-o-ser Waaallk With Theeee.”

Her’s is a simpler voice. But it is a pleasant voice and it soothes me. It makes sense to me ‘how I would hear my mother’s voice’ as it is most likely the first voice, whether sung or spoken, I ever heard. Born or unborn. Much like mine is to my own daughter’s.

But why am I hearing ‘life’ in hymns and songs all of a sudden!? I know not. But as I ponder in awe and wonder of God’s majesty and His infinite love for me, it happens to me once again and I begin to HEAR the soft lull rising in my ears…

“And I KNO – O – OW,  Heee Ho-o-lds the Fu-u-ture,

And LIFE is Wo-o-rtth the Li-i-ving,  Ju-u-st

Be-e-cause HE LIVES!

Let the WORD of Christ dwell in you richly… singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with thankfulness in your hearts to God. (Col. 3:16)Tweet:

Oh, how I long for Your words to fill me today and everyday, God. For it is then, the cares of this world diminish and I find perfect peace and rest in You. 


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