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WHY I Give… A Lesson My Grandmother Taught Me





My grandma always gave a little something to every organization who solicited her (ie: Red Cross, etc..) I’m beyond convinced she based this practice on biblical truth. It always impressed me how she lived her faith like that… It is very easy to say no to a piece of mail!?


When asked, I strive to live by her example. The only exception? When I don’t feel safe. Then. And when I have nothing (on me) to give. But, even then, I give a smile and wave. It costs nothing to look someone in the eye and say “You’re not invisible and you are worthy to be known!”

Our commission is not to ask. To assess. To judge. Our’s is simply to live by faith and give love, freely. Without asking. Without assessing. Without judging.

For every bad apple I’ve encountered, out of the ashes, have risen dozens of heartwarming, candy cane and Christmas-card yielding sellers of homeless news! The pure joy emanating from these domestic wanderers while spreading Christmas cheer never fails to bring a tear to my eye, reminding me of the true reason for the season – the arrival of God’s great news!

The GREATEST GIFT… wrapped in swaddling clothes. LOVE pressed down and pouring out. The Messiah. The King of Kings. The CHRIST child!

In 2014, I challenged myself ‘To be so full of Christ’s love, I could not fathom speaking an unkind word or committing an unkind deed.’ This holiday season as I mark the year’s end, I’d like to reissue the challenge to include:

‘Not only to be so full of God’s love but shining so BRIGHT for all to see.’

Will you join me!? No matter the creed… Accepting others at face value. Giving love, freely. Simply, because we’ve been asked by the Heavenly Father. The lesson my grandmother taught me.

Oh, how this world needs to see… to BELIEVE!

By this, everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you LOVE one another. John 13:35


*Not wanting to be caught off-guard empty-handed, last year during the holidays, I kept $5.00 gift cards to McDonalds to present to my merry band of homeless news carriers. I even encountered a cheery seller of news while celebrating the season in NYC!? And although I had no dollars to purchase a paper, I did have one gift card left… to GIVE.

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  1. I love the heart in this post, Rachel. I’m joining you. I wrote about what giving taught me in a post called “Real Worship” if you are interested. Thanks so much for sharing this.It is a deep desire of mine to give generously. I don’t have to funds to give generously, but I do what I can trusting that God will make up the difference and believing that every little bit counts. May this be our hearts this Christmas!

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