{A Christian Woman’s Perspective} What’s So Wrong w/Fifty Shades of Grey, Anyway!?


What’s so wrong with 50 Shades of Grey, anyway!? The question may seem obvious to some but due to the movie release the debate has surprisingly resurfaced… And amongst Christian women!?

Above ALL else guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.   {Prov. 4:23}

If you are a CHRISTIAN woman, I implore you NOT to see the film, read the book, or even giggle at the notion of entertaining the thought. The degradation and objectification of women is no laughing matter! Dubbed as ‘mommy porn,’ the book and film perpetuate the very idea women are objects. How does this even remotely equate to the happily-ever-after we’ve hoped for all our lives!? Women of Christian faith, are we so bored with our lives… so consumed with the insignificant and trivial… we are blind to what is so damningly meant for our harm!?

Is God’s sole purpose for us on earth to do as we please indulging in an appetite for the ungodly? Dabbling in what society deems acceptable… no longer distinguishing between black and white… but yet a subtle shade of grey? When tempering the question through God’s purpose for our lives, there is no room for debate. Our purpose on earth is to love and be loved preparing us for a life in Heaven. To become more like HIM!

Thinking we can handle our own lives is the ‘trap’ and the lie of Satan! (John 10:10)
Pornography addiction begins with one thinly veiled shade of grey… And progresses to the next… And the next… Until finally, one is too far down the rabbit hole! THAT is what is wrong with Fifty Shades of Grey! It is meant by the enemy for our harm. The devil knows how to entice us from our comfortable lives. We’re not society’s marginalized… He knows this! So he pulls us in with his first shade of gray, ‘mommy porn.’ A gateway drug to a more serious problem. Yes! Fifty Shades of Grey is grooming CHRISTIAN women for an acceptance and desensitization to more deviant and sadistic behaviors. Tweet:


Before you lull yourself into the belief this couldn’t happen to you, did you know fifty percent of Christian men say they are struggling with pornography. Further, did you know over one-third of church going women have intentionally visited porn sites online? And if that isn’t scary enough, how about seventy percent of 18-24 year old men visit porn sites in a typical month? Sadly, the more pornography becomes normalized in our society, the more women will be targeted as objects to be despised, violated, or even killed.

Christian women have always been deemed as pillars of society but the problem is we don’t act like it. I believe Christian women are the ‘last stand’ of hope, the final frontier, for what is innately decent and good in our society. Should we lose the battle, I fear what the future may hold for the next generation!? The lines between pop-culture and pornography have become amazingly blurred. Where will YOU draw the line between what is of eternal value and what is an all-out assault on human dignity!?

#TakeAStandForTrueRomance #Boycott50ShadesofGrey #50Dollarsnot50Shades

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