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Did you ever as a kid want to write to Dear Abby!? Did you ever just want to give her a piece of your mind!? Well… recently, I did just that! Here is my response to her encouraging a woman to view porn with her controlling husband despite how uncomfortable it made the woman feel…


Dear Abby,

I can’t tell you how surprised I was to read your response to ‘Struggling in the South.’ Although one never knows the entire story, by advising ‘Struggling’ to go against her gut and do something she isn’t comfortable with is sending a dangerous message to society as a whole. One’s instinct is there for a reason and in my experience it has always served me well. And RARELY has it ever been wrong. We would ALL do better in this world, if we would listen to that small, still voice inside of us instead of listening to what the world around us is saying.

Did you know…

  • 56% of divorce cases cite one person who is struggling with porn.
  • Most pornography addictions begin before the age of 25; before the brain has had time to fully develop.
  • Pornography use eventually escalates to more risky, deviant, and/or violent sexual behavior.
  • 5 out of 10 men in church are struggling with pornography issues.
  • 80% of the scenes in the most popular porn videos depict violence against women.
  • Pornography is linked to sex trafficking.
  • The porn industry pushes societies boundaries of what is acceptable by making women look like children.
  • Western culture is experiencing a pedapholic drift due to the vast accessibility of pornography over the last 25 years.
  • Hardcore porn is as easy to find with the click of a mouse as the ‘acceptable’ kind you mentioned in your post.
  • The Greek translation for the word pornography is ‘sexually immoral.’

The use of pornography may temporarily spice up this woman’s sex life, but will it build up her marriage? Will it create a solid foundation for intimacy and respect?

I hope that you will do the research and rethink your position on pornography. As a society, we have allowed the lines between ‘what is good for us’ and ‘what is for our own harm’ to become amazingly blurred. And ‘Stuggling,’ if you’re reading this… God Bless that still, small voice. NOTHING good comes from pornography!


~ a humble advocate for what is ‘good.’


Read the original exchange here:  http://pornharms.com/dear-abby-pushes-porn-use/

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