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Miracles Take Time

Lately, I’ve been extremely worried about something completely out of my control, so I prayed “God, if this ever comes to pass, it will be a miracle. And when it does, I will know it is You (and you alone,) who is the Maestro.” Let me tell you, I was standing on His promises and calling him on his bluff, you could say.  But of course, God never bluffs. He is always faithful and true. 


After several weeks of worrying and praying, I hear in a rushed whisper “Miracles take time.” A theme I was already working on for a future blog post (God wink.) After hearing those faint words, my miracle only took about seven to ten more days. Friends, I want you to know that God cares about the concerns of our hearts. He hears our prayers. You may think your concerns are too small, too trivial, to bring to the Lord. But nothing is too small for God, if it troubles our hearts. He wants us to lay our problems at his feet and TRUST Him with the outcome.   

Not all of my prayer requests have been answered (yet) and sometimes things don’t always work out the way I think they should but…  I’ve experienced God enough in my lifetime to know God loves me and cares for me deeply. Giving me even more, at times, than I originally asked for or deserved for that matter! But friends find rest in these words… 

“Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10) 

For most of us, being still is incredibly difficult. But if we hold fast in the stillness, God will use the time to stretch our faith building our character. Teaching us peace in the midst of uncertainty. If you have doubts God is still there, ask Him to give you a sign, a God wink. A tiny miracle. Stand on His promises and “Wait patiently for the Lord; be strong and courageous.” (Psalm 27:14)

One last thought… God refines us in the waiting. Through every storm and challenge, He is removing our impurities; sculpting us like clay in His image. I love these words by Christine Caine… (I wonder how she knew about my blog – another God wink!)

“Faith must be tried to it’s limits before it can grow beyond those limits. As long as we are on This Side of Heaven, God is not finished with his work in us or through us.” – C. Caine

A meaningful journey, this side of heaven. The only life for me.


There are so many, great passages in the Bible about waiting for God. Commit one or two to memory. Here are a few of my favorites: Lamentations 3:25, Isaiah 40:31, Psalm 37:7, Psalm 130:5-6.

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