Twenty-Nine Questions



Is it…

messy? Yes!
ugly? Yes!
uncomfortable to talk about? Yes!
a real problem growing at an increasingly, alarming rate? Yes!
destroying lives? Yes!
becoming normalized and trivialized in our society? Yes!
stealing our children’s innocence? Yes!
‘taboo’ to talk about? Yes!
easy to be judgmental of those afflicted? Yes!
hurting our marriages? Yes!
addictive? Yes!
covered by HIS stripes? (Isa. 53:5) Yes!
meant for our harm? Yes!
considered dirty? Yes!
shocking? Yes!
accessible to kids? Yes!
harmful to kids? Yes!
harmful to adults? Yes!
degrading? Yes!
profiting from the pain of others? Yes!
in our communities? Our households? Yes, Yes!
destroying our families? Yes!
abusive and demoralizing? Yes!
easy to assume it doesn’t affect me? Yes!
time to take a stance and act? Yes!
meant to entice me? Yes!
a LIE from satan? Yes!

Is it… pornography or pornography addiction? YES!!!

I LOVE this quote from Kay Warren’s book Dangerous Surrender.

“If we (as Christians) are not disturbed by the world we live in,
we will be consumed by the trivial, the insignificant, and the temporary.” Tweet:

How little do we care if we aren’t willing to broach the difficult subjects and have the ‘awkward’ conversations!? I am beyond convinced Christian Women must lead the charge…

Will you JOIN ME in this battle!? If so, I would love to hear from you.

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