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How to Love The Unlovable… [in the wake of another tragedy]

How to Love Our Enemies

Every time I hear of another school shooting, I always return to the same, recurring thought. “Woe is the suffering/misery this person surely endured to have committed such an unfathomable act of horror.”

Often you’ll read the words, “I hope the killer rots in hell.” But clearly they’ve already experienced hell. Hell on this earth. A hell [quite likely] perpetuated by careless, wounding words and deeds. Often hurled by people like you and me. Words harm. Each person—no matter how unlovable we may deem them to be, bears the image of their Creator.

I think the biggest question for each of us to consider is this, Why can’t we just be a little kinder to others, a little gentler in our responses, a little more understanding in our affliction and a little more patient with our love for a fallen, imperfect world full of messy, broken people?

South Nashville/Green Hills was our home for 20+ years. I’ve passed The Covenant School thousands of times over the years. When the shooters age was revealed, reality set in. The shooter was of the same age as my daughter. Because of our proximity, it was quite possible we could know the shooter. Turns out we knew his/her first grade teacher, who stated “Audrey [Hale] was bright, funny, creative, and completely adorable. She came from a wonderful family.”

Oh Lord, not [just] How long will the wicked triumph? [Psalm 94:3], but How long will we, as your beloved children, continue to withhold our LOVE from a hurting, watching world?

Pray for the families of all involved. PRAY for our nation as we approach yet another season of school shootings. Pray not one more child of God is lost to the darkness of the enemy through the unloving words and deeds of others.

Oh, Lord “To be so full of God’s love, none of us [ever] fathom speaking an unkind word or committing an unkind deed.” This is my quest, and battle-cry, friends. Join me?!

“But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven.” – Matt. 5:44-45

Let’s not wait til another tragedy strikes to start loving an unlovable world, friends. Visit the link in profile for ways to start. 🤍

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