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Understanding Evil and Sharing God’s love… [in the wake of the Murdaugh Murders]

So much of the Alex Murdaugh case reminds me of my own days of chasing justice. When you come up against pure evil, it becomes life-changing. You truly grasp the reality that evil walks amongst us. And the enemy of our souls is indeed present on this earth and hard at work to destroy us.

We can not fight an enemy that we do not acknowledge, friends. But, as was the case in our own fight with evil, when God decides enough is enough, the floodgates of Truth fly open exposing the enemy for who he really is–a liar and a deceiver.

Justice has prevailed. But let us not forget to weep for the souls of those left standing in the wake of such devastation. Pray God can use this tragedy to bring generational healing to the Murdaugh family. Pray Murdaugh, himself, comes to trust the love of Christ. And pray each one of us will better guard our own hearts. So, that this side of heaven, we live our lives [solely] for Kingdom purpose.

God will not allow satan to reign on earth forever, friends. SHARE GOD’S LOVE through the supplication of generous prayer with a broken, unlovable world.

“To you who are ready for the truth, I say this: Love your enemies. Let them bring out the best in you, not the worst. When someone gives you a hard time, respond with the supple moves of prayer for that person.” – Luke 6:27-28 💕

Cousin Carl and Me

📸: Pictures taken of Cousin Carl and me, late Dec. 2019, as we celebrated the end of the long, hard-fought journey of chasing justice–one challenging circumstance at a time.

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