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A Valentine For the World…


Every Feb. 14th, the calendar accentuates the world’s desire (and need) to be known and loved. But what if we as Believers could be the world’s Valentine? Sounds simple enough, right!? But it isn’t. Enter #theLoveChallenge…

Our words and deeds carefully sifted through the fullness of God, sow seeds of God’s mercy, kindness, and LOVE. And when we love as God does, we reflect shimmers of His goodness to a watching world. The world needs to experience His love. But loving others isn’t easy. Especially, when it comes to the undeserving, unloveable villains of our stories.

How can you share God’s love this Valentine’s Day and everyday with a wondering, wandering world!?

“No one has ever seen God. But if we love each other, God lives in us, and his love is brought to full expression in us.” 1 John 4:12

“To be so FULL of God’s love, I could not fathom speaking an unkind word or committing an unkind deed.” That is my quest. Join me!?

Share your #tlcjourney and invite others to join by using the hashtag(s) #tlcjourney, #theLoveChallenge2021, or #theLoveChallenge. 💕 And as always, I’d love to hear from you.

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