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Am I Where I’m Supposed to Be…. [asking for a friend]!?

I have long dreaded this first week back in January. Knowing this week is when our journey began, I worried. Would I feel saddened by the long, brutal journey of moving to Hometown, OK knowing mama would leave this earth just a few months later? Not to mention, now being marooned in a foreign land during a global pandemic? My weary soul requires constant reminders of the gracious, precious gifts of the Heavenly Father…

As I lingered in my socials longer than planned this dreary, wintry morning, my heart leaped upon reading these words “When OBEDIENCE* leads you somewhere that doesn’t make sense, God is telling a story… and an EPIPHANY is coming!” If this isn’t just like God, I don’t know what is!?

As I dutifully went about my day, fresh with confidence and courage, I then found these scribbled words of jubilation [pictured below] written in my one line a day journal. On this exact day—the Day of Epiphany, and only 24 hours into the year-of-hard journey, God gave us the green light we both needed. Hubby’s territory would extend coast to coast. Nashville no longer the center of our universe, the Heartland was calling us… and in more ways than one. And in ways we didn’t yet (fully) comprehend!?

God gave us abundantly more than we asked for in the journey; giving us miracle after miracle, epiphany after epiphany, protecting and blessing us in so many way! I realize not everyone’s 2020 boasts of such triumph. And in the thick of it, it doesn’t feel very triumphal. But I am here to tell you, hold on. Your miracle is awaiting you. And God’s timing is everything.

“Where you are now is [exactly] God’s place for you.” 1 Cor. 7:17

As for the future, I’m trusting in the journey… God has been exceedingly faithful. Are you finding yourself in need of a miracle or questioning where you’re supposed to be? If so, I’d love to pray for you. Let me know how in the comments below. 💕

*Annie F. Downs

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